Sadly, it's time to say, "Good-Bye!"

Dear Graduates,

Thank you for an exciting and fascinating year of exploration, creativity & discovery :-). Sadly (AND happily), it is time to move on to new adventures. It's not always easy to say good-bye, but without good-byes, there are no new worlds to explore. It has been my pleasure to be part of your journey as you have imagined and developed ToMorrow Island!


Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, Camp TechKnow did not run. However, anyone who is still interested in working in the afternoons with EMS Explorations is invited to do so in exchange for community service credit. You will need to commit to the days you are available beforehand. Please fill out the form below.

Additionally, Jacob Burns Media Center will be running a class on ToMorrow Islands the last two weeks of July. You are all invited to help out (again you will need to sign-up in the form). You can participate from home in the mornings and join me at school in the afternoons. Our plans are still forming, so I'm sure there will be more information as the summer progresses.


Some of you have asked to keep your accounts on ToMorrow Island. I suspect that you will be off to high school and find little time to be here. Still, you have learned so much and have many skills & talents to share. Therefore, I have set up a small strip of property at the end of the island for an "Alumni Mall" where you can continue to sell your products, animations & scripts. I will not charge you rent, but I do ask you to respect the prim count, keep your space stocked and in good repair. Of course, you will always model the 4C's and respect Island rules.

Some of you have also expressed interest in possibly teaching some classes next year. Again, I suspect that you will be too busy, but I am willing to leave that door open if you find the time or interest. Of course, as always, we can negotiate any compensation.


I'm asking anyone who wishes to participate in July camps or would like to apply for a spot in the "Alumni Mall" to fill out the form below. Otherwise, I will be clearing prims & eliminating your accounts according to the deadlines listed below. Please leave your schools in place so that they can be shared at he international conference at the end of the month.


All applications for the "Alumni Mall" must be submitted by: Monday, June 21st
All builds in the Skylot must be cleared by: Tuesday, June 22nd
Graduating students (who have not applied to stay) will have their accounts deleted August 3rd.
Properties on the Alumni lot will be available as soon as your application is approved. First come, first serve!

Just a heads-up. I will be implementing some changes next year in Island rules. As always, I welcome your ideas, comments & feedback.

You all are AMAZING! I KNOW you will go on to imagine, build & create wonderful new adventures for yourselves. Where ever your journey takes you, I wish you well! Sincerely, ~Old Indigo