Let's go to Australia!

Fri 28 May 2010, 10pm (New York Time / EST)


Unconference Session 5: Think Tank: Changing the Paradigm - Including Students in Learning Design

  • Session Description: We talk a good game when it comes to 21st century learning but too often fall into the trap of using shiny new tools to merely give the old teaching model a new sparkle. To truly change the paradigm, we need to move beyond teacher created content and invite students to participate in designing their own learning experiences. Virtual worlds provide us with a unique space to do just that. Before education takes these extraordinary new tools and turns them into a 3D workbooks, let's put our heads together and generate a map for best practices. Bring your expertise, experience, creativity and let's jam!
  • Samples of student work: http://tomorrowisland.wikispaces.com (see projects), Quest Atlantis Student Congress: http://quest-atlantis-teaching.wikispaces.com/Student+Congress
  • Time: 12pm, Sat 29 May, 2010 (Sydney Time / AEST), 3am, Sat 29 May 2010 (London Time / BST), 7pm, Fri 28 May 2010 (Second Life Time / PST), 10pm, Fri 28 May 2010 (New York Time / EST)
  • Location: jokaydia Sim @ ReactionGRID. (we'll provide instructions on how to get there).
  • Facilitators: Marianne Malmstrom (Knowclue), Bron Stuckey (Bron Bloxome)

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Pack For Your Trip!

  • Do you have Skype?

  • You can use a parent/family account.

  • We will be using a Skype Bridge for audio during this session. It is a no cost call for you.

  • Just before 10:00pm, place this number in your Skype calls tab entry +9900827048960310 (the "+" is very important to leave in)

  • Do you have your ReactionGrid account?

  • Students - I have already created your accounts. See me for your account information

  • Have you downloaded your ReactionGrid browser?

  • Students - See me for a disk with customized browser configured for both ReactionGrid & Gnome Project

  • Have you done a sound check!

  • Please make sure your sound is working before the session. My Skype name is KnowclueKidd. Feel free to Skype me for a sound check.

Cool! Get Your Map!

ReactionGrid: We'll be meeting at the jokaydia sim

Click here for more information

For Assistance IM jokay Wollongong

You can also IM me, Knowclue Kidd

How to find the jokaydia Sim at Reaction Grid!

To locate the jokaydia Sim at Reaction Grid, simply click on the main map tool and search for ‘jokaydia’. You can then teleport to our sim and join in on the fun!jokaydia_map.png

Alternatively, you are welcome to IM jokay Wollongong (or me, Knowclue Kidd) for help and support at our regular events! To do so, simply click on the ‘Friends’ button and add ‘jokay Wollongong’ as a friend. You can then get in touch via Instant Message.

See You in Australia!