The 8th grade assignment - Provide animations as ordered by 6th graders

  • Build sets: Mt. Olympus & temple with 12 thrones
  • Create avatars for all 12 gods
  • Create system for dividing & managing projects
  • Work together to created need shots according to storyboards

The following terms of this assignment will be as you all agreed ~

  • Each of you will be responsible for at least one project
  • You will be paid $100 L for each project ($50 L in advance - $50 L on completion)
  • You are responsible to hire your own talent needed for each shot
  • 6th graders will be given the opportunity to pay bonuses for a job well done

Aphrodite - A (Barb)
Apollo - A (Ark)
Ares - A (Dark)
Artemis - B (Sol)
Athena - A (Kara)
Demeter - B (Ark)
Dionysus - B (Old)
Hephaestus - A (Dark)
Hera - B (Old)
Hermes - B (Razer)
- B (Glitch)
Zeus - A (Tito)