This school year, The Elisabeth Morrow School will be expanding its virtual worlds program.

We will beta testing a new grid being designed by Pleiades.

The new world will be called: "ToMorrow Islands".

We now have 5 islands: Explore, Imagine, Think, Create and Collaborate.
All our surrounded by the 4 "Seas": Courtesy, Compassion, Consideration & Compassion
This configuration was designed to distribute the work load in a manner that would reduce lag and provide multiple options for filming without encountering the view of adjacent islands.

Behind the scenes, students exploring a new virtual world!

This machinima documents the first day of students exploring a new virtual world. It didn't take them long to discover
a long stretch of road begging to host a foot race. As the period progressed, a few well placed obstacles began to appear,
rules such as "No Flying" were declared and everyone got caught up in the cheering and jeering. It was a great deal of fun!