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Track: Teen Fair


Teen Fair: A Call to Arms

Marianne Malmstrom; Tomorrow Island

Ferris Arabello

Friday, March 18 17:00

East 3/4 Teen Fair


Will we use virtual worlds to recreate education as we know it? Will educators determine what students should know and then design 3D lessons for them to “experience” and then “reflect upon they have learned”? Or, will we be brave enough to turn these unique spaces over to our students and let them build their own learning? Visit ToMorrow Island, a private virtual sim where 8th graders stretch their creativity by constructing what they imagine. Play paintball with the students and experience first hand the game they designed and built independently. Hear why they think constructing a virtual paintball field is appropriate middle school curriculum. RSVP required.The Elisabeth Morrow School is a PreK – 8 independent school in Englewood, NJ.
http://knowclue.com & http://knowclue.wikispaces.com

Post Conference Teacher Notes:

I was able to capture some of the fun and excitement of this event until I was accidentally "shot" and ejected from the game. LOL! :D Sadly my sound failed after reentering the sim, so what you see documented is only a small portion of this one hour event.

Students & educators went on to actually play the game. Afterwards, the kids shared their point of view as to why they think it's not a big deal to allow allow "gun play" as part of a school sponsored activity. They talked about why paintball is one of the safest sports, in spite of it's unfair reputation to be too violent. They ended the event with a tour of the lower paintball complex.

Since the conversations in Second Life are both in voice and text chat, I've shard a record of the chat to further document this event:

Please take the time to listen (and read) carefully as the kids explain their design. Hear the excitement and ownership they feel in regards to what they have created. Even though it was impossible to video capture much of the tour that took place inside the house, I hope you can appreciate the complexity of the traps, obstacles and advantages built into the game. Most importantly, note how they are actively assessing their game and planning redesigns in real time as they watch the educators move through their build. FYI, I found Blind Chrome in Second Life the following day working on changing the discovered flaws in the design.

I freely admit that I am still conflicted in respect to the question of whether it is appropriate to allow "gun play" within the realm of education. However, I'm feel more impassioned than ever that we need to provide our students with the space, tools, time and mentoring to build their own learning experiences. If I have to choose between feeling comfortable and providing my kids with authentic learning opportunities, I can live with a little discomfort. I'm happy to say that my students have certainly been successful in challenging my thinking on this issue. ~ knowclue

Post Conference Student Notes:

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Post Conference VIP Notes:

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Conference Notes:

This fall, only one student in 8th grade interested in working in virtual worlds. His interest in scripting intersected with his passion for playing paintball in real life. He asked me if he could design a paintball game on our private Second Life estate - ToMorrow Island. I found myself struggling with my personal discomfort allowing "gun play" at school with my conviction that students learn best when they are allowed to follow their passions. Taking a leap of faith, I gave my student permission to build his paintball game on the condition that he would have to persuade the administration to accept and keep his project on completion. Silly me, seems that the project is in a perpetual stage of growth. LOL! It wasn't long before my student recruited his friends. They have been a constant fixture in the lab every break they have (including some study halls).

I demonstrated the most basic building/terraforming skills to get them started. Since my scripting knowledge is limited, I pointed them to the resources on this wiki and sent them out into the world to "figure it out" on their own. Their perseverance in learning how to script and build has been impressive. It has been fascinating to observe the complexity of the negotiations necessary to work out the "rules" of the game as well as their playfulness in testing and renegotiating those rules. Some 7th graders are joining the project (once they turn 13) and bringing new talent and energy to the project.

With the changes at Second Life that allow us to open our private estate, I decided to let the kids present the dilemma of allowing "gun play" v. passion-based learning to fellow educators. The students readily accepted the challenge (even though this is officially the first night of their spring vacation). And thus... YOU ARE HERE! :D

How to get to ToMorrow Island (open only for conference):

Please search groups for ToMorrow VIP and join. This will give you temporary access to our private estate. You will be ejected from the group at the end of the conference.
ToMorrow Island Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/ToMorrow%20Island/220/138/110/?title=ToMorrow%20Island

Paintball Rules:

1. Absolutlely no taking paintball equipment out of the paintball feild. (Detach it.) This is unless you get hit, and spawn back at your home desination.

2. If playing with teams, attempt to avoid shooting at a team member. If accidnetly shot, the team member will be allowed to join back in the game at the main entrance of the paintball area of which he/she last played.

3. If you get hit, and are ejected, please wait for the next gaem to start to join back in the fun.

3. Try not to fall out of the areana of which you are playing. If you do, please wait until the next game to start to join back in.

3. Have fun!


1. The paintballs are relativly slow for many reasons. This makes the game fun, however it may become slightly harder. If you are aiming at an opponent who is moving, it may be advised to aim slightly ahead of the direction he is moving in, in order to let the paintball collide with him/her.

2. It takes two consecutive shots (99/100 damage recieved) to make a player be "ejected" back to their home area. The players life wil regenerate quickly, so it is best to follow the play to get him/her!

3. If you start following a opponent, he/she might be leading you into a trap! Be aware of your surroundings!

4. Ladders are climbable! See where they take you! But becareful. You don't want to stay out in the open while climbing one for too long.


1. Most of the elements in the game are hideable. Some unobvious ones are the ones that you can walk and see through and fire through! (Boockshelves, waredrobes, closets, refrigerators, ect.)

2. Even though you cannot fly, you can still jump. Use that to your advantage!