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Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education

March 2010 - Second Life

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Featured Work

Josh explains virtual worlds.
Posted by: Knowclue
Josh explains virtual worlds.
Posted by: Knowclue

As traditional at EMS, all noobs line-up for their first day happy dance.
At first, we all have a bit of trouble finding our virtual legs (and our virtual groove),
but we finally pull our collective selves together. -knowclue

This little two minute video has been sped up to show
the first 45 minutes of exploring our new island. - knowclue


November 9, 2009
A look at the many identities of residents on ToMorrow Island
Posted by: Knowclue

New Virtual World Review: Fantage

July 30, 2009
Florella created this great little machinima to introduce us to a fun new virtual world.
Posted by: Knowclue

Green Screen Test

June 13, 2009
Florella experiments with green screen in second life. The cool cat avatar is a Florella original!
Posted by: Knowclue

Florella's 2nd House

May 20, 2009
Florella created this machinima to show off the second house that she built herself on ToMorrow Island.
Posted by: Knowclue

Razer's Crib

Find more videos like this on ToMorrow Island

May 11, 2009
Razer gives a tour of his newly built house
where everything was either created from scratch or customized.
Both house and avatar look is awesome! - knowclue
BTW, Gotta say, I dig his pants!

Glitchmaster's Dance

May 8, 2009
Knowclue's machinima of GlitchMaster checking out the new dance floor.
Posted by: Knowclue