Future School Project

The Academies

I think a great school would have solar power so the environment could stay healthy! A swimming pool would be included for swimming activities and bathing. A hot tub for students to relax during recess or free periods. A great science lab with animals as well as an aquarium with the sea creatures. It shall have a gym for students to work out and get some exercise, a baseball field a soccer field,a soccer field, a hockey rink, a basketball rink, another soccer field for tourneys. It will also have a library with computers and everything!!!! There will be computer labs as well!!! A principal will run the school. An administration wing (south wing) a cafeteria filled with intreiging quisine (north wing) and punishment wing (east wing). And then the weest wing for recreational activities. there wil be lockers in all of the corriders I cant wait!! We will never tell anyone where the secret room is located.
This school will start later than every single school in the county around 9:00. The teachers go to the students.A great imagination is needed for everyone. if we are taking in select students, we will pick the most imaginative students.

Additionally (From Iceman)

My school will be environmentally friendly. It will be very advanced having two computer labs. My school will be around a large natural ditch filled with water. It will have one major classroom and one smaller one plus the principals office. Since my school is small those will be all the rooms. Plus a hot tub and a pool. The hot tub is a high temperature at 360 degrees and if you get in trouble you wil get put in the hot tub.