School of the Future Project:

Our School of the Future contains two different buildingsthat interconnect. Students can gofrom the tech school to the ecological and science center school.

Tech School:

In the Tech School, there are innovative glass classroomswith confrence tables with screens for each student. Mostly glass walls allow sunlight to flow through theclassrooms which are all connected having no walls.

Students can then walk over to the ecological and sciencecenter.

Ecological and Science Center:

In the Ecological and Science Center, there are manyeducational centers. Designedusing an old dock and warehouse as a model, it has only one main floor withglass panels having two classrooms on either side of a large staircase leadingstudents up to the Bird Observatory and Space Observatory. Underneath the Main Floor is a playarea above a glass floor looking down onto a lake with fish. To the side, students can go down intoan aquarium where students can see underneath the sea with a hallway thatcircles around an underwater mountain.

Using natural sunlight, students will be LESS tired and itwill enhance learning through a no wall environment.